"Brodie has helped our 13 year old son love the guitar. Brodie's personality and teaching techniques have tremendously advanced our son's playing abilities in only six months. He has motivated and inspired him to enjoy playing and practicing everyday." - James and Nancy Piper
"Finn loves his lessons, practices without prompting, and wants to hang with you in the recording studio every chance he gets. You obviously have a great rapport with him and have been able to keep it fun while also imparting some fundamentals. He's very lucky to have you for a teacher!" - Tara O'Riley
"I appreciate how the  lessons are tailored specifically to my interests.  It's great to take lessons from someone who plays really well and can also communicate how to do this to others." - Paul Laferriere

"I wish I had a music teacher like Brodie when I was young! He has inspired my 9 year old daughter to read music, sing and play multiple instruments. She already loves music, and has even written her first song!" - Lesley Field

"Brodie is an excellent guitar teacher for my young son. He has been able to increase my son's musical knowledge, repertoire, ability and enthusiasm for the instrument. This is particularly satisfying to see and hear as a parent.' - Gus Gamba

"From basic beginning guitar method to incredible soloing, Brodie can do it all, and teach it too." - Jeremy Menefee